AC Service / Repair / Replacement

Denver can get a little hot in the summer. While we all enjoy summer, one thing that can end the fun is a non-working AC. Air conditioners may be the most used appliance during the summer. It is important to make sure that the appliance is working at its maximum efficiency. At Goodfellas, we offer a complete AC Inspection, repair, and replacement services to make sure that your home remains cool & comfortable.
Goodfellas promises the best AC service at the most competitive rates in Denver.

Duct Cleaning

Duct Cleaning tops the list of services that play a critical role in keeping your home or commercial facility safe from health hazards. Air ducts, if not clean, can be the source of nearly 40 pounds of dust and dirt in a single room every year. At Goodfellas, we are proud to offer the most comprehensive duct cleaning service in Denver. Our certified and trained team specializes in making air ducts not just visibly clean but also frees them of adversities such as bacteria and allergens. Our service is designed to instantly improve the air quality in your home or building.

We use high end equipment to remove all traces of dirt, debris, and allergens from the duct. When it comes to job as critical as this, you can put your trust in the hands of our team.

Aeroseal Contractors

When it comes to energy wastage, it’s not just about the equipment efficiency. It is easy to overlook factors such as duct leakage that not only affects the efficiency of your heating and cooling system, but also invites a multitude of health adversities to your home. At Good fellas, duct sealing is one of our major concerns, and that is why we have embraced one of the most trusted duct sealant technologies Aeroseal.

No more mold, no more cold. Your house temperature will remain well regulated throughout the year. Aeroseal technology is the most reliable duct sealing solution available today. We are proud to be the official contractors of Aeroseal in Denver.

Furnace Service / Repair / Replacement

Water Heater Flush / Repair / Replacement

Almost all water heater manufacturers recommend flushing or draining your water heaters periodically. That helps prevent accumulation of sediments in the tank. The frequency of the flush depends on the amount of impurities in the water in your areas. While it may seem like an easy job, it requires professional expertise and the ability to check whether the heater tank is clear of all the sediments. This is the expertise our team is known for. Our team ensures that the water heater is properly clean and clear of all impurities. Not only is it healthy, it also maximizes the life of your water heater.
Moreover, flushing also ensures maximum safety and performance level of your heaters. So, if you hear cracking and bubbling noise from the heater, you know who to call without a minute wasted.

Equipment Efficiency Assessments

Is your heating and air conditioning equipment performing at its highest efficiency? Efficiency is not just about performance, it is also about the overall balance of power and performance. Is your HVAC equipment able to effectively convert the energy input into an output? Are you sure they are not guzzling on loads of electricity, costing you more than they should?

Thousands of dollars are wasted every year due to inefficient equipment. Our equipment efficiency assessment service is all about helping you save money while giving you piece of mind. An efficient system can amount to hundreds of dollars off your utility bill.